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Beaches and Islands

Australia has many of the world’s most iconic island, beach and coastal destinations. Whether it be some of the country's best-known landmarks such as the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Sydney Harbour in New South Wales or Tasman National Park in Tasmania.

Australia's vast coastline plays an important role in defining the character of the country - beaches, islands, ocean lagoons and colourful reefs underpin the Australian way of life. Australia offers two of the world's greatest coral reefs, a variety of world-class fishings options, renowned island resorts and a year-round temperate climate which lends itself to outdoor sports, aquatic and coastal activities. 

There were 42.5 million visitors to regional Australia in 2016 who engaged in aquatic and coastal tourism activities (Source: Tourism Research Australia).

With a continuous coastline of more than 30,000 kilometres, Australia offers investors the opportunity to go beyond these iconic destinations and create something truly unique on the many spectacular coastal journeys that also make up Australia's repertoire of beach and island experiences.

See below to explore some of the unique tourism investment opportunities Australia's beaches and islands have to offer or contact one of our investment specialists for comprehensive and confidential assistance that will save you time and money, and help you make the right investment decision.

Supply and Demand Data

Select one of these iconic Australian beach and island destinations to find year-on-year tourism demand and supply data. Or visit Tourism Research Australia's website for the profiles of over 200 local government areas.

360° Video

Explore some of Australia's most iconic beaches and islands