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Easy Place to do Business

Australia’s political stability, transparent regulatory system, and sound governance frameworks underpin its economic resilience.

Ranked in the global top five on the Index of Economic Freedom, Australia’s effective governance and control of corruption provide multinationals with a safe, secure business environment.


Efficient Regulatory Environment

A stable, friendly and efficient environment for doing business

Australia has one of the world’s most robust regulatory environments and is rated among the most business-friendly economies. The country is ranked highly in terms of legal rights, justice, the soundness of its banks and corporate debt. Australia is also in the world’s top 10 for its efficient stock markets, strong finance and banking regulations, and stable institutional frameworks.

Transparent Market

One of the top two most transparent real estate makets in the world

Australia’s real estate market was rated the world’s second most transparent in 2016 after the UK, and ranked significantly higher than any other location in Asia. This is a major attraction for global real estate investors, corporate occupiers, retailers and hotel operators transacting, owning and operating real estate in Australian markets.

Easy Place to do Business

Doing business in Australia doesn’t get much easier

Australia is ranked 15th out of 190 economies for ease of doing business, and fifth when compared to economies with a similar or larger population. In particular, Australia’s quality of judicial processes index is rated the world’s best. Australia also ranks well for dealing with construction permits (2nd globally), enforcing contracts (3rd), ease of getting credit (5th) and starting a business (7th).