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Video Transcript

>>The Hon. Steven Ciobo MP, Minister for Trade and Investment 

The tourism industry is one of Australia’s great strengths. Located in the world’s fastest growing tourism region and the largest global aviation market, Australia offers a secure and stable environment for investors. Australia has a number of comparative advantages as a tourism destination, from our pristine natural environment, to the diversity of fresh produce and cuisines, distinctive attractions and a strong national brand. Australia is the highest-yielding tourism destination in the world. Ranked 1st in the world in terms of dollars spent per tourist. And we have even bigger ambitions for tourism in Australia. 

>>Bruce Gosper, CEO Austrade

Austrade works with Tourism Australia to inform foreign investors about the investment climate here. Australia offers one of the most attractive environments for investment in the world. We have had more than two decades of high performance where the economy has grown. We have got a well-regulated business sector. We’ve got a multi-lingual, very capable workforce. We’ve got the stability that goes with a well governed and well managed economy.

>>John O’Sullivan, Managing Director Tourism Australia

Australian tourism is a growing and prosperous industry. Globally, Australia is a much desired destination for international travellers whether it be for business or leisure, and our visitor numbers are growing. Our international marketing to demonstrate to the world why ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ is creating unprecedented demand for our tourism offering and this is especially evident from our near neighbours in Asia.

>>Craig Collins, CEO JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group

The Tourism Australia and Austrade investment attraction partnership has given many new investors access to hotel investment opportunities across Australia. A number of these investors have already actively pursued Australian tourism assets and we expect this investor pool to continue to continue to grow from major source markets around the world, particularly from Asia.

>>Michael Issenberg, Chairman and COO Accor Asia Pacific

Australia has some great advantages from investment. It’s very mature, it’s stable, the supply situation is not growing in leaps and bounds. India, Indonesia is growing very quickly. So Australia is very well positioned to benefit from the growth in those markets.

>>The Hon. Steven Ciobo MP, Minister for Trade and Investment   

Australian Government and industry are working together to grow visitor expenditure to $140 billion annually by the year 2020. My Government has also made tourism a national investment priority.

>>Jocelyn Kum, CEO M&L Offshore Investments 

My parents started off in 1976 with their offshore oil and gas business and right from day one I think we had our vessels operating in the north-west shelf of Australia. That graduated then to a business in the hospitality industry and I think Australia remains a very promising country for us to continue our investments.

>>The Hon. Steven Ciobo MP, Minister for Trade and Investment 

I invite you to visit Australia and to explore the investment opportunities available in our unique and dynamic tourism sector.