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An island in itself, Australia’s maritime borders include 8,222 islands. From the tropics of Torres Strait to sub-Antarctic latitudes, each island boasts a unique climate, incredible wildlife and countless opportunities for tourism experiences.

Relax and unwind on islands surrounded by secluded, white sand beaches or take on the challenge of hiking the mountains in Australia’s island state of Tasmania. Visitors to the country can enjoy every type of experience while appreciating the varied flora and fauna that result from isolation. Discover some of our most incredible islands and what they have on offer.


Kangaroo Island

When it comes to iconic Australian experiences, it’s hard to go past a trip to Kangaroo Island where a stroll over the undulating green hills overlooking the beach below can see you surrounded by feasting Kangaroos. Although located just a short distance from the South Australian coast, this pristine island feels miles away from civilisation with an abundance of options at hand – from the renowned five-day Wilderness Trail to a stay at the exclusive Southern Ocean Lodge - that will ensure you soak up the incredible and diverse scenery.

Kangaroos along Stokes Bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia © Tourism Australia

Fraser Island

As the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island is one of Australia’s more unique natural wonders. Those seeking outdoor adventures are spoilt with an array of thrilling 4WD tracks, which also offer the ideal way to take in the abundance of wildlife and surrounding scenery, from dingoes to baby humpbacks. The island is also blessed with incredible swimming spots including the beautiful blue waters of Lake McKenzie, a perched lake fed only by rainwater, and Champagne Pools, where the surf crashes over a series of rock walls into a calm but bubbly rock pool below a headland.

Coastline, Fraser Island, Queensland © Tourism Australia

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